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Jan 17, 2014

Lubavitcher Yeshiva's auction event will include Motzei Shabbos and Sunday programs for both men and women, with something for everyone. Full Story

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Jan 16, 2014

Shaindel and Chani, two single Chabad girls, say the community needs to reassess the strategy and structure of the current shidduch system. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

When new Boston councilor Josh Zakim remarked he didn't furnish his office, Rabbi Shmuel Posner offered help.
Full Story


Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights Raising Funds for a Young Mother

Help Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights raise urgently needed funds for a local mother of very young children.

Her cancer treatments have not been effective and she needs to seek new treatments not covered by her insurance. Any amount is helpful; we count on your generosity. Thank you
387 Kingston ave suite 10
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Find us on Facebook CrownHeights BikurCholim
Jan 16, 2014

Karl Birenbaum was due to celebrate his bar mitzvah in Radom, Poland in January 1940. He ended up doing it this past week. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

Photos: Itzik Roytman

2,000 girls from Bais Rivkah School in Crown Heights joined others from around the world for a rally honoring Rebbetzin Rivka on her 100th Yahrtzeit. Update: Video replay of COLlive's live broadcast. Full Story, Photos, Video


Jan 16, 2014

The Jewish Recovery Center in Boca Raton, Florida, will be holding its 3rd Shabbaton to help Jews connect in fellowship and camaraderie. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

At a Yud Shvat Farbrengen at Lubavitch Boys Elementary School in Miami, 250 boys sang a heartfelt Nigun in unison. Full Story, Photos, Video


Jan 16, 2014

In honor of Tu B'Shevat: Rabbi Chaim Fogelman of OK Kosher says that fruits and vegetables aren't always permissible to eat. Video


Jan 16, 2014

A workshop for Crown Heights teachers this Sunday will focus on the importance of language skills in students' development. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

Albany's High School girls Yud Shvat programs took them from the NY State Capital to the "Chabad Capital" of Crown Heights. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

Students of Rabbi Yisroel Osdoba's 4th grade class of Oholei Torah proudly show off their Tu B'Shvat fruit projects. More


Jan 16, 2014

Photos: Itzik Roytman/COLlive

The L'Chaim of Shlomo Aron Liberow of Porte Alegre, Brazil and Malka Borenstein of Bologna, Italy took place at Chovevei Torah hall in Crown Heights. Photos


Jan 16, 2014

Over 350 women gathered at the Shul of Bal Harbour in Florida for an evening of unity, with inspiring speakers and a concert. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

Girls from around the UK enjoyed a fun-filled and inspiring 5 day winter camp with trips, singing, a bonfire and more. Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

At a farbrengen at Yeshivas Nishmat Shlomo in New Jersey, 60 participants heard the miraculous story of the Rosh Yeshiva. Full Story, Video


Jan 15, 2014

Financial advisor Hirsh Dlinn, who survived a near-fatal accident, was honored with his wife by Lubavitch Pittsburgh.
Full Story, Photos

Jan 15, 2014

Photos: Stan Weiss

A person in the crowd at the HASC Concert this week pledged $300,000 for a song request. The result was electrifying.
Full Story, Photos, Video

Jan 15, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A matchmaker writes about a phone call she got on a Friday afternoon, shortly before Shabbos. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

The father, the newborn boy and his excited sisters

Mazel Tov: A Chabad family welcomed a baby boy after having 8 girls. But guess who was most excited about the new arrival. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

To relive life in post-Revolutionary War America, a group of students brought genuine deer hides to school. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

Rabbi Rubin, Assemblyman Weprin & Gurdev Singh Kang of Sikh Cultural Society

Hijabs, turbans, kippahs and beards are now kosher in the workplaces, according to a New York state Assembly bill. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

CGI of Toronto announced their girls Head Counselors for the upcoming summer season, and campers enjoyed a Yud Shvat phone-conference Farbrengen. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

Illustration photo by Marcus Wanner

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Online Smicha: Is connecting to unsecured WiFi considered stealing according to halacha?

Jan 15, 2014

100 Bais Rikvah students visited the Congregation Kneses Israel of Sea Gate, NY, which was ruined during Hurricane Sandy. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

What happens when Jewish music superstar Mordechai Ben David tries to shop for discounts from a catalog. Video

Jan 15, 2014

A new partnership between a women's organization in Crown Heights and a kashrus agency aims to educate the public. Full Story

Jan 15, 2014

Students of Lubavitch Yeshiva who excelled in the Mishmor weekly learning program were treated to a trip to the Ice Cream House in Brooklyn's Williamsburg. Full Story

Jan 14, 2014

The biggest event for Russian Jewry in America will be held next month in Connecticut with speakers and a known singer.
Full Story, Video

Jan 14, 2014

Photos by Chaim Perl & Izzi Goldman

The L'Chaim of Shmuly Perlstein of Chicago, IL and Goldie Kotlarsky of Crown Heights took place at the Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights. Photos

Jan 14, 2014

A Brooklyn car leasing company is airing a jingle composed and sung by Boruch Sholom Blesofsky on New York City radio. Full Story, Audio

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Nichum Aveilim
-The Raksin family is sitting Shiva after the passing of R' Yosef Raksin h"yd.

Shiva will take place at 738 Empire Blvd.
Shacharis will be at 7:30 am
Mincha and maariv will be 7:45 pm
Times to be Menachem avel: 10am-1pm and 4pm-10pm
-The Zaklos and Slavin families are sitting Shiva after the passing of Mrs. Tzivia Zaklos obm of Montreal.

Shiva will take place at 440 Crown St.

Shachris 8:00 am, 9:00 am
Mincha and Maariv: b'zmano

-Rose gold bangle/bracelet Last seen at a wedding in Oholei Torah last Monday 8/12 3472601114


Lost Box with Mini shas from YSP

Lost box with my mini shas from YSP Wed. Night @ Montgomery and Kingston when the bus dropped us off. My name was on the box. Please call Yaacov Hecht at 203-247-3348


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